Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back from the House Boat

Ceasar and Matt jump off the back of the 85' House Boat

Josiah at Sunset

Jon Broderson turned 21 this past week.
What better way to celebrate then to rent a 85' long House boat equipped with a hot tub,flat screen Tv w/surrond sound, 4 bedrooms and a slide off of the back?
Ceasar,rounded up a few of the guys to meet up for the last few days of the celebration. Yes the 4.5 hour ride was miserable. The Honda civic was a bad choice in vehicles... 3 full grown men in the back seat need another foot and a half of shoulder room. After the long drive, we quickly found ourselves in the middle of Lake Havasu with about 20 other people enjoying the sun and the water.
Here's some photos:

Emptying the hot tub

Never a bad time for a good balcony Dive

A few highlights Include:

1.Cliff Jumping
2.Winning beer pong (when in Rome you know)
3.Late night clothing optional swim.
4.Flipping the jet ski with Ceasar.
5.Diving off the House Boat (about 12')
6.Hot Tubing under the stars.
7.Relaxing listening to MGMT (Although I'm pretty sick of that Album)

1.Being victim of prejudice due to looks and style of dress.
2.Awkward Moments between people I thought were friends.
3.The car ride both ways sucked. The ride home especially after Matt drank a gallon of milk in 20 minutes.
4.No Wake boarding invite from all of the boats.
5.Segregation between everyone.

So basically there was some drama, not that fun, but the segregation eliminated awkwardness... why do people have to be stupid??

I'm back in the swing of things now. Getting ready to post Victoria and Matt's Slideshow.

Cheers to being back.
Oh and my stache is gone. I shaved it this morning. That marks an end to 2 weeks of wild stache outfits and crazy looks.

Matt jumping in for a midnight jump

No Cell phone reception? How am I supposed to remain a business man out here?


Dinner time

This was shot at 6am. That's how Matt slept all night.

Ceasar jumping off a mini cliff

Back dive.

Blocking out the sun.

Until next time. Adios Havasu.

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afutureperfect said...

drama sucks. your pictures (and swimsuits) don't.