Thursday, September 11, 2008

My New Racquet is a Head

This is my old one. Watch out Josiah, we won't be even anymore!

Yeah, you heard me right, but its not what you think... Head is like Wilson, its a brand! You thought I was hitting tennis balls with someone elses head!?? HA!

The story goes like this.
I needed a new racquet to compte with Josiah's $180 Wilson "Hammer". Google is checked... "Best tennis Racket on the flippin globe" was the search line. That was before I discovered that racquet was spelled with a Q. Anyways, I didn't come up with much, just something about short balls and a myspace profile of a man that was cussing and bitter for sleeping on the ground with a tennis racket as a pillow...I really feel like writing him and telling him to re think the spelling of his "racket" unless he means a horrible interrupting noise of course.
I ditched the online search and headed to the nearest BIG5. Even though tennis isn't in the big 5, this store has some selective discounts on tennis products.
45 racquets to choose from! Guess what, I pick the $269 dollar one... just my luck.
After literally weighing and comparing 4 racquets, I narrowed it down to 2.
One was a Prince and it was onsale for $79.99 (originally $269.) The other? Well, it was gorgeous. Take a look.

Flexpoint 10

The most powerful HEAD Flexpoint racquet: the perfect combination of top maneuverability, ultimate power and excellent stability through the larger head size. The racquet for players who want to truly experience the essence of power in control.

So, I brought both to the checkout counter to price check the expensive one in hopes for a discount of some sort... My heart was set on this Head Flexpoint 10... Sure enough, it was nearly $200 off! I was happier then a redneck a distruction derby, happier then a stock broker at a stock broker only party. I walked out of that large 5 with a smile on my face almost the size of my new Head flexpoint 10 Tennis Racquet.

The lesson of this story: Don't give up on what you want, even if you have to steal it and spend time in jail... but just hope that its on sale.

So good thing it was on sale, otherwise I'd be sitting in a jail cell whispering sweet nothings into my shoe and etch-a-sketching the walls of hours that go by.
Lets see how it does on the court tonight when the brothers Lippke have an Australian Doubles rematch.

I texted CHA-CHA (242-242) and asked what sports are in the big 5. They gave me 6? Basketball,Baseball,Football,Tennis,Volleyball and Golf.
I think the BIG5 sports the store was named after are:
Basketball,Football,Baseball,Hockey and Soccer.

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