Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"The Great Wall"

Home to 49 of some of the best images in our studio.

Good evening my fellow blog readers and internet scavengers.
Checkout what I did today with the help (of course) of some amazing assistants.

The Wall is here. It is now being used as fuel in debates that the lippke brothers are better photographers and that production crew of theirs own the competition. Since the wall has been up, it has been the topic of every conversation throughout town the greater Belmont shore area. This Wall has become a backdrop for celebrity photos (See Douglas Jamison's visit) The wall is here and it will only get better!

Here are a few samples of the sexy new art piece.
Good work men!

Entering the production room.

Close up to the goodness.

Josiah was a big factor in getting the materials for the wall. Home Depot was like his candy store.

Jon Phelps collaborator,designer and best board holder around.

Me, Visionary,designer,Collaborator, master image mounter.

Luke Payne, Overview and spray adhesive master

Douglas Jamison...didn't help at all, he's just here for free monster beverages.

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ilippke said...

douglas is by far my favorite!