Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pho and Burn after Reading Date

I took my lady for a date tonight.
Went to 2 pretty amazing places here in Long Beach as a surprise to her.
1st, dinner at "Number Nine " (noodles and beer) on 4th St. I loved the food, so did she.

heres the review I wrote.

"I ate there tonight with my girlfriend, we had drinks (Tiger Lager is amazing) appetizer and entrees for $33. The food was amazing! Coming from 2 people that love eating pho at the most legit/weird little spots all over cerritos ect... This is a great little place and just a block from the art theater. I'm glad I didn't take half of these other reviews seriously before I went, I would have missed out on a good thing. Go to Number Nine, you'll be happy. This is my new favorite spot."

Now you know how much a spent on dinner, lets move on to where we went next.

Then we went to...
The Long Beach Art Theatre. This newly renovated art theatre was showing the oh so anticipated Coen Brothers film "Burn after Reading" I love the theatre (seats should be slightly lower though) and I loved the film. Those Coen brothers are wild! Don't think Big Lebowsky like I stated in my previous post on this matter. Its dark and gloomy and odd, but humorous and true.

Finished the night with some Yogurt Land. (Blue Berry mixed with chocolate and then some made for a good nightcap and healthy too!)

SIDENOTES to live by:

1.Did I mention I wore off all the beer from the weekend with 4 hours of tennis today? Well now I did.
2.Wanna see something cool that involves Jesus and Dinosaurs? ETRINE
3. (P.S. Thanks Froi P. for the pictures of Nine Points)

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