Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Artist+Album of the Month

Artist+ Album of the Month.
Cold War Kids: Loyalty to Loyalty
These guys are so talented, so much enthusiasm for uniqueness rolled into one disk. The resources to accomplish what they accomplish is stunning.
Just enough grit and stripped down drums to balance thoughtful lyrics and fat bass lines. Truly an Album that will make listeners wanna be classy for years to come.

Go buy this Album NOW! It came out today! Be apart of pure stripped down euro rock and roll history. Thank the good Lord Jesus, The Cold War Kids are back stronger then ever! I wanna cry chocolate tears and have a fondue party!

buy on iTunes. Or Amazon.

Huge props to Matt Wignall for the Album images and Matt Maust for the design.

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ilippke said...

I'm ready for that Fondue! I got a little drippin' taste as Josiah and I raced to the airport. iTunes is cool - but if you are in the LBC, the best way to get this album is to support one of the best record stores in the country and local talent simultaneously by buying the CD at Fingerprints. - Just like Josiah did.