Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Eleventh: A Sad Gloomy Day

AHHHH! I hate these memories! I wish this had never happened. 7 years ago, we were attacked, we were smacked in the face, spit at and then kicked to the sidewalk.Yes, we bounced back, our country came together and stood up together... but we're divided again into 20 categories. Do we need a disaster to come together again?
We learned patriotism and how to be a community, but this came with a cost. We had to watch one of the most painful pieces of history go down in one horrible day 9.11.2001 is a day to remember...not for any good reasons... But to remind us that we aren't invincible. To let us know that we need to stay together, to be a community and to stand up as Americans when the time is right.

For now... I'm morning the death of 3000 Americans, listening to Philharmonia Virtousi.

Some images to put this date 7 years ago into perspective.
Checkout these 3 images shot by James Nachtwey.

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