Friday, August 29, 2008

Giving Project:Follow up

21 Pairs of Shoes

"Alright Alright, I'll set down the camera, the computer and the phone to make some time."
That's what I had to finally tell myself when I hadn't spent the remaining $800 from the money I won at The Long Beach Giving Project. So its finally been done! I have a little over $200 left, but plenty ideas for that sum. Here's what I did with the most recent $600.
Thanks to team work from my Intern Emily and of course some savvy shoe shopping from my girlfriend Audrey. I was able to help out 2 great organizations inside Long Beach. I found out the greatest need from each shelter and tried to match it.

Here's what I bought:

21 Pairs of Kids Shoes (either Black or white for their school uniforms, sized to fit each individual child)
•22 Pairs of Boys Socks
•12 Bras (MUCH Needed we were told)
•6 Outfits for little boys up to age 12.
•25 Pairs of boys underwear

•15 Pairs of Women's Panties.

So there you have it, nearly finished with the giving and I'm having fun!
Someone wise once said at dinner tonight... "The happiest people in the world are those that give of themselves" Eddie said that, I think he may have been quoting my mom, because I can't tell you how many times I've heard something similar to that coming from her.
Anyways, I think they are both right.

Individually labeled to the correct size. (Good work Audrey)

Audrey at "New Life Beginners" dropping off the shoes.

Jonathan had to open the door and tell us his little brother was sleeping, so quite down.

Off to the next stop!

Amazing lobby

Goretty is my main contact at the Domestic Violence Resource Center

Big thanks to Audrey Armada,Emily Durand,Justin Rudd from C.A.T for putting the giving project on,Target for giving a 10% discount to the cause and big big thanks to The Domestic Violence Resource Center (Goretty) and the New Life Beginners (Bonnie)

Do you want to chip in to help too?
Here's the #'s:
Domestic Violence Resource Center

New Life Beginnings Inc.

Both of which are in downtown Long Beach.

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eddie said...

You are an inspiration. I am so glad you are my friend. Your positive attitude is infectious. The good Lord gave me a great gift, his name is Samuel. I am one lucky guy.