Thursday, August 14, 2008

USA vs. Greece

Lebron James rising for a dunk against Greece

I'm in love with our USA Men's basketball team. "The Redeem Team" as they've been dubbed are rolling strong to a GOLD medal. Its an exciting time to be a basketball fan.
Last night, (or this morning rather) they took down a very strong Greek team by a score of 91-69. Another game closer to the shiny gold medals.
Dazzling dunks, great shooting and like I said before... an All Star cast... Our guys are just having fun over there.

Next Game: Vs Spain...lets see what you men can do... Kobe vs. Pau. This will be an extremely good game to watch... I'll be watching a Hi-Res replay on

Keep it up men!

Kobe Bryant receives and finishes an Alley-oop

Kobe Bryant enjoying another win.

Kobe Bryant making an entrance

Kobe Bryant watching Michael Phelps win another gold.

Lebron James "checking out" the swimmers

The Redeem Team

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