Thursday, August 28, 2008

McCain is a pain

McCain and his crew are annoying and immature. They see their campaigns future ending alot sooner then they had hoped. Not only did McCain leave his wife when she was bed ridden, checkout a little more dirt on Mr.McCain the pain.

...only a few news outlets, like the Phoenix New Times in Arizona and the National Journal, have run an Associated Press story reporting McCain's 1998 joke suggesting that Chelsea Clinton was ugly and that Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton were lesbians.

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" McCain said at a GOP fund-raiser in Washington. "Because Janet Reno is her father."


If McCain has had trouble keeping his story straight, he has enjoyed a charmed life with the national media. Besides largely ignoring McCain's anger issues, the media have run few details of McCain's bouts with malignant melanoma, a deadly form of cancer that can spread quickly throughout the body, and have rarely cited a litany of inappropriate comments by McCain over the years.


A July 5 article quoted former Sen. Bob Smith, a New Hampshire Republican who served with McCain on the Senate Armed Services Committee, as saying, "I have witnessed incidents where he has used profanity at colleagues and exploded at colleagues . . . He would disagree about something and then explode. It was incidents of irrational behavior. We've all had incidents where we have gotten angry, but I've never seen anyone act like that."


Democrat Paul Johnson, the former mayor of Phoenix, saw McCain's temper up close. "His volatility borders in the area of being unstable," Johnson has said. ""Before I let this guy put his finger on the button, I would have to give considerable pause."

"I think he is mentally unstable and not fit to be president," former congressman LeBoutillier said.
Is that who you want running our country for the next term? Naww, I didn't think so... I just wanted to share that with you.

•Who's ready for another 4 years of same old same old?
•What has McCain done positive, besides serve our country well WAY back in the day.

•95% of the time he voted identical to George Bush.
So unless you like what Bush has done. Vote Obama '08.
•I'll tell you why I like Obama in a little bit...but for now, I need to strengthen our economy and do some work... then buy some stocks.

Want more info about psycho McCain? HERE

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yoshi said...

"McCain and his crew are annoying and immature."

With the possible exception of the Washington administration - EVERY presidential campaign in history of the US has been annoying and immature. So unless Obama gets more annoying (and quickly) and immature - he is going to lose. Read up on some history dude....