Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back from SF

San Francisco.

I'm back!
It was a fun weekend.
The road trip was select.
My beautiful girl, her hilarious and fun sister and I drove to SF to visit their aunt and uncle.
I had heard so much about this dynamic duo that I just had to meet them for myself! It was worth the drive, Uncle Phil is a stud (plus a laser scientist) Maggie is quite the cook and host. I look forward to going back.

We spent Saturday downtown SF, ate some legit Chinese food, I bought a suit, shopped at weird spots in the China district, rode the BART and drank Kombucha while walking through San Francisco's misty air.

So back to reality now.
I haven't sorted the pictures yet...so give me a few hours to post those... I'll put them on this post though.

Things to do for the day include but aren't limited too:

•Get Heather and Erics photos printed
•Buy $600 worth of socks, shoes,underware and bras for the women's shelter at Target.
•HairCut at 3:30 (Ceasar Pacheco does it right)
•Car to the shop
•Order a few postcards(A few hundred I mean)
•Finish adjusting a wedding, send it to be uploaded.
•Manage Studio (Albums,emails,Slideshows, Websites,Proof Mags,Postcards,Equipment,ect...)
•Get geared up for tomorrow's helicopter shoot.
•Meeting at 7:30
•Meet up W/Ralph for dinner...my best friend is leaving for Iraq!!?? I hate this war.

Later for now!


Misha said...

Where are photos? :D

Samuel Lippke said...

Good question, thanks for the reminder. Things can get awfully busy around here... most of the time I remember things like this...but still other times I need good people like you reminding me. So thanks!
I'll post them up in a few hours.

Misha said...

You'are welcome!