Tuesday, August 05, 2008



My girlfriend is amazing

Jo-Dilly is moving to Long Beach!

Looks like Kaden tasted my beer.

Thats what drinking will do to you.

Just relaxin... thats my pops.

Brake issues.
The Lake.

Camping should be like this all the time.


In full swing here at the studio.
Working on: Albums,Responding to emails,setting up shoots,sending in my camera for repair/cleaning,keeping the good vibes streaming in. (Go look up "Hercules & Love Affair")
So yeah.
Heres some shots from the trip. More to come, but I need to get them from Ira in NY. Thank Jesus for our server!

And Tradition Highs and Lows of the trip:


10. Being with Family
9. Meeting my new Nephews (Sol and E-man, not their real names. HA!)
8. Introducing Audrey to my parents and Glory and baby Kaden for the first time.
7. Watching "Mt.St. Helen's Vietnam band" play their first show. (Go check them out!)
6. 1am firework show on the beach...yes, we lit them with matches.
5. Trip to Seattle with Sonora. Original Starbucks. New Reebok Pumps.Delicious milk shakes!
4. Playing with my Nephews. I nearly changed my name to "The human Jungle gym"
3. Yeast Toast and Tomatoes with the family...such good memories.
2. Jumping off a 65' cliff with Ira.(photos on the way)
1. Splashing fight in the canoe with Josiah until we filled the canoe and then flipped it.

6. Not having our luggage until the 2nd day.
5. The incident in QFC...the lady wouldn't let me buy champagne because Audrey was with me and she didn't have her ID)
4. Loosing in Tennis
3. Rain the first night of camping.
2. Getting stuck in the "Stanwood funk" for a day or so... so depressing.
1. Not being able to hold my new nephews.

Alright, there you have it.
My highs and lows, some pictures to hold you over and finally a new blog post right!!!

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