Friday, August 08, 2008

Announcing the winners

Good composition. The balloons are everything in this picture. Without them, this photo would be useless... but with them, its good enough to win something in a contest. (and be on my blog)

The photocontest is called "Say Cheese Long Beach" even though I dislike the over used phrase "Say cheese". (Mostly because I'm more of a photojournalist then a party/posed photographer, so it upsets me when people actually use the phrase when I shoot them... it jacks up their smile!) ANYWAYS! I really like the concept of this photocontest.
24 hours to take an award winning shot in our sexy city of Long Beach.

August 2nd was the last contest date and here are a few of my favorites that won.

Don't Miss the "Grand Prize" shot!
See the rest HERE

2nd Street to a T.

This image makes me smile. A Dad being adventurous and playing with his son. (incase you couldn't tell)
(Image won "Best Family Shot")

My image won top 10!

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