Monday, February 18, 2008

X Games practice or just wild Sunday?

Went to Saddleback Church today.
Not impressed with Rick Warren. Felt like I was getting one of many sales pitches for his book. Ultra theme park feel. A friend of mine Sheena Fiktarz (One of my Alumni Brides) led worship. Shes extremely talented and I hope she puts out an Album. The main highlights of the day were:

1.Chillen With Audrey (Mi Novia)
2.Watching Kyle Loza practice for the upcoming X-Games
3.Getting a rush of my own from jumping of the crane into the foam pit. (See video below)

Heres a few pictures from Kyles jumps.

(Pause Blog music before starting)

I made it outa the pit alive and I'd do it again... prolly not a back flip though.

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