Thursday, February 07, 2008

1am journal excerp.

January 31st (1am)

Just showered, creamed up (That sounds bad...I meant put lotion/IcyHot on)(IcyHot does wonders to legs that have walked 20 miles in one day!) Now I’m lying in bed seeing my trip being half complete. I have 4 mas days here and I wish it were only 2. AHH! Miguel & I walked everywhere but the playa. I took over 300 pictures.
Anyways, I went to the ball game, watched Habana play Rio (not de Jenir)(sp) Didn’t stay the whole game, but didn’t meet up with the youngsters @ 9pm… I didn’t know the walk to the stadium would be 3 miles & nearly 1 hour walk…geez! So its late, I’m not as anxious as b4, but still home sick & ready to see my lady.
I think this trip has done a lot for me thus far. I’m less prideful, my ego has been pounded w/ humility(try being forced into being an introvert and a foreigner all in one). I feel closer to jesus. (he’s the only one that understands my language) I also miss Audrey A LOT.
Cuba is bizarre. People,cars,homes,water, restaurants, even sometimes I feel like the sun is controlled by the government. Oh what its like to have a socialist authority looking over your shoulder at all hours (besides now, in my least I hope!)

I've been reading Acts in the Bible and finding out just how hard of times Paul had on his journey to Rome while in chains...this experience is challenging, but oh sooo easy when I put it in perspective to Paul's story.
Thanks Jesus for keeping me in your watch and loving me through this adventure.

Alright, manana is sneaking up fast.
-Good Night Day 2-

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