Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cuba's Bonita Playa


January 31st
Cuba:Journal Entry #4
I’m laying on La playa right now. Its not crowded, its beautiful! There is an Italian man lying basically on top of a Cuban chica. They are making pseudo love on a chair… they freeze everytime I look their way… very entertaining.
Miguel borrowed some (local) pasos and brought me back some odd meat, a tomato & bread. Its gross.
I’m eating it…
The time is probably around 3:30, although I’m not positive after the 2 hour bus ride! I still haven’t used the internet and I’m getting restless. Last nite I could barely sleep! Hoping the familia isn’t too worried. Although I bet they are:(. Its getting mucho hot (caliente) and I’m finished w/ my sandwich thingy(if thats what you would call it)… I'm off to jump in el agua!
After writing this… I met a few men & 2 women (the girls were from argentina ,they couldn’t stop oiling each other, it was like they had a phobia of being without oil. The men just couldn’t stop staring, including Miguel, I looked too for a second... alright maybe was a funny sight...but I didn't stop, drop the jaw and stare as if these were the only 2 women left on the entire planet) I also joined a pull-up contest w/ one of the young men. (who thought I was related (brother) to the prettier Argentinean girl, He actually approached me asking to take her out. HA) Anyways I won the contest by 17- He got 8. He then wanted revenge (from pull ups) and challenged me to a swimming contest. So I did that too, I needed a good arm workout anyways. I wasn’t sure how it was to work… I knew I was tired from the pull-up contest though,I wasn't about to swim a mile in the Caribbean sea right after that dirty sandwich and 25 pull-ups in the hot sun. I ended up just going w/ the flow. Both of us ended up running, diving & swimming as fast as possible out to sea (towards florida) we swam for about 45 seconds then I see him struggling to stay up. So that’s the end of the 2nd contest I guess. I found out a few things about this kid. He was obsessed with Argentinean girls, he was 18, new english like a young baby and was wearing a girls adidas shirt...I didn't have the heart to inform him it was for chicas. Thats the end of my first beach experience.
Later this night, I found internet (at a Grande Hotel). It felt good to send some notes saying I’m safe.
My pen seems near dead or at least it did. Geez! I’m writing so much my pen is dying!!!
I’m Hungry! I swear, when I get back I’m going to have a big ol’ bowl of Thai “Hot & Sour” Soup w/ seafood. I’ve ben eating shizz food! No lobster, no arroz, no papa’s just gross pizza, white bread, weird bread & chesse blah! Also fried chicken & beer? The thing at the beach wasn't exactly human food and tasted much like the beach itself. seaweed,rocks,driftwood,salt,ect...

Highlights from the day:
1.Che Tattoo on some dude's back.
2.Internet use
3.The hot beach
4.Pullup contest
5.Getting immune to their tap water.
6.Taking Portraits of a few locals

Habana, downtown Vedado
2 hour bus ride

slick structure.
Highlight #1 (Che tattoo)

Pull-up contest... the onlookers were just as entertaining.

I wander around for hours looking for pictures like this.

It looks like they're about to race.

A dad and his daughter.

Fidel is always watching.

The neighborhoods are relatively safe.


Naty said...

Wow, you are an amazing photographer, "Fidel is always watching" its the best. I'll visit ur blog everyday. Congrats. By the way, im from Argentina too.

JustineTy said...

I like your photos...