Friday, February 22, 2008

Havana: The Students.

The crew. (LtoR Luis, Me, Mike,Geysis,Leslie and Ruth)

Havana, Cuba -Feb 2nd,2008

I went looking for my young friends I met on the street. They told me what building when I met them. They must have said good things to their building mates because when I got there the people standing outside immediately knew who I was.
I didn’t meet up w/ the original crew but met one similar and 3 of the 6 knew a little English!!!(how refreshing to speak in my native tongue for the first time in 4 days!)
With the new crew 6 cuban's and me, we grabbed food & cerveza at a local outdoor cafe near the highway looking out towards Florida ( this was the best meal I’ve had all week!) arroz con pollo w/ dried platanos tons of picante caliente sauce & all for pretty cheap! (the whole group couldn't believe how much I could eat.)
We then jumped on a little train like bus & toured old Habana, singing the whole way, when we got off after about 35 minutes it was about 11pm.
After sitting on the ledge overlooking the ocean for a while we then went Salsa/Reggeton (don't know if that mixes well, but after some cuban rum, it doesn't matter) So Dancing at the "university disco" on the 8th floor of their building.
After 2 and a half hours of dancing then resting, dancing then resting, I had to get some sleep! They all ended up walking me 20 blocks to my home @ 2:30am. They said I live in a dangerous zone. The end of a fun night... plans tomorrow of meeting them for lunch! I'm so happy to meet some fun people my age with relaxed personality's and honest and good hearts. I feel like I've known these students for years and its only been 5 hours! Good night Feb 2nd.

Like I said, I was hungry! I impressed them all with how much I eat.

Out on the town.

Thats why they call it the disco!

Some of that beloved Club Havana (with cola) Spilt

Things always tend to get crazy.

Trying to look awesome.

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