Monday, February 04, 2008


Amazing,terrifying,horrible,wonderful,bonita,starving,lonely,maturing,scared,burnt,loved and adventure all are words that describe my recent trip to Cuba... I am still in Mexico and haven't cleared customs yet, so I won't say much...the last thing I want is a warrant out for my arrest when I get back! haha!

Anyways, I know a bunch of you are waiting for pictures... So I'll give you a taste.
I have a journal that I kept my entire trip. I'll post pictures with the journal once I get the journal converted to digital.
But for now....enjoy.

My trip isn't over yet... its still going, but at this point I'm pure relaxed, happy and tired. The worst/best is behind me and I'm a little more spanish savvy :)
I've experienced much, I'v e put my 22 year old body to its ultimate test, I've put my 22 year old emotions to the test, my ego, my religion and my heart...all have passed with flying colors and ready for some rest. I've done much, experienced much and lost nothing but 2 weeks of time to a beautiful experience.
I hope these pictures help you feel what I've felt.

I have a bunch more images but non want to uplad right now... Stay tuned for more images and journaling from my crazy adventures.


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Al Godar said...

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