Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cuba:Journal Entry #2

January 30th
(this is the part of the trip I try inserting spanish into my writing, I find it a little embarrassing, but it helped me learn, so whatever works right!)
I’ve learned mucho about myself these past few days. I’m lonely, tired & hungry, plus I’m finding out that I’m broke. I will barely survive off of $20 cuc per day, which is about $22 usd (actually $18).
This town is bonita! Although I’m ALREADY getting tired of it… I’m not sure if I’m using that correctly…”This town is bonita.”?? I guess I’ll never know…(till Audrey tells me back home.)
Today was spent traveling by foot all throughout the town. Central Cuba, Cuba Libre & Vedado where I live ( for 5 mas days) I had a "tour guide" & I think his name was Carlos…or was it Miguel? Shoot! I better find out. I’m horrible w/ names!
I took about 300 pictures w/ my 28mm 1.8 lens. I just switched back to my 24-105 4.0 because I thought I could sit on the roof of the casa & write this. El casa owner said I couldn’t…what the heck? Why not? Oh well, I guess I'll sit on the street.
While purchasing drinks (mojitos) today for my friend & I, I finally figured out the 2 kinds of dinero…Cuban pesos & Cuban national pesos (CUC). It’s a confusing mess & it looks like locals use 1 while tourist use another. Corrupt you say? Well maybe…but 1 might try to take ADVANTAGE too if 1 only made as much as some of theses people do… 180 cuc a month? That’s nothing! *** Now I just have to get my hands on some local cash.
Anyways manana I’m supposed to hit the playa w/ Miguel ( or Carlos?) hopefully the price won’t be crazy! I’m not living like a tourist here…I’m living like a local but w/o the language advantage. I don’t know when I’m being cheated or when I’m cheating.
The biggest worry right now is I haven’t been able to notify home of my arrival. This county is shut off from the world! Its really different from what I am used to. I hope the fam isn’t too worried…I’ve tried collect calling & I can’t afford to buy a calling card ... I bet I’m more worried then Audrey & everyone HAHA! They probably know I’m fine. Lonely but fine :)
I’m being flirted w/ right now… HAHA! A grupo of 4 boys & 1 girl just invited me out tonight @ 9pm…
Anyways… So I have baseball @ 7 & out on the town @ 9.
I love how everyone is so open here.
If only I knew everything they were saying!
I need to know much more Spanish! Ahh!
Alright, that’s it for now… my butt is sore from this park bench. I’m mucho thirsty! Maybe I’ll go back to mi casa & drink that Leche. Although I’m sure I’ll regret it later. (the Leche was saved from breakfast, along with a few scraps of pan (bread) and a mini banana)

*** I found out later that the Cuban's make alot LESS (More like 50 CUC a month) not sure if this is totally true.

Here are some images I took today.

Morning view

Another Amigo I met randomly.



rabid dog on crack. As I saw it.

AfroCubano zone.

A legit Mojito

Miguel (as I confirmed when i had him write down his contact info a few days later)
Miguel and his families home. Notice the random air vents and messed up furniture.

closer up.

Its like this on every corner!

Space research?

The market

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