Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bachelors Ball: 2008

My second year photographing this Los Angeles Event. (Was even better then the first!)
The "Achelors" an elite group of Bachelors host a extremely large costume Gala each year.
The ball is always held at the ever so stylish Beverly Hilton off of Wilshire in Beverly Hills.
Here are just a few images I took of the 600+ guests in full blown costumes. Costumes ranged from original star trek outfits, David bowie, mafia,super hero's,Renaissance people and even scooby doo. An amazingly "wowing" event that even I find overwhelming (in a good way).

This is only a sample of the many insane pictures on the way! If you attended this event, stay tuned for a slideshow and ALL the images online. (March 7th)

Ralph was my trusty assistant and I prided him on always being on it, handing me lenses, memory cards and occasional sip of grey goose and sprite...when in Rome is all I can say.

Alright, here are some more shots.

Ralph and some beauties

United States representative?

Demanding attention is a new sport.

Ian Richtor helped throw the gala.

I had a chance to save his life... I kept shooting... I am photojournalist!

Myself and the trusty assistant Ralph Diaz. We went as models/marines.
It was a fun night, great people, loud music, fun costumes and amazing pictures! I can't wait until next year!