Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cuba:Journal Entry #1 (29.1.2008)

I’m in Cuba.
Its weird to say that.
I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long long time! But now I’m thinking I may be staying to long. I already felt ready for home before I came to Mexico City, now I have a week on my own to explore, to see a country shunned by the US. A beautiful people and culture (the women here are stunning!)
I’m tired, I haven’t eaten much and I'm lonely.
The people here are not used to seeing people from the US, I get only gasps and then smiles when I inform of my citezenship. It is illegal for US citizens to travel to Cuba. But there are a few loop holes with the system and I've found one. The Cuban people are a welcoming one and have nothing against the people of the united states. They only think our politics are bad.
I’ve rented a small room from a local. Its nice, there is a small courtyard, windows that open up to the street and a nice bed.
This town is pretty, but in a weird way. Its not painted well, the homes aren’t nice and the streets are run down. But the people here are so happy with what they have. All the children are playing baseball,basketball and soccer everywhere you look.
I walked through much of the lower east side of this beach town. Not many shops. Not many stores, just homes and 1950’s vehicles everywhere! Its an odd expierence and I’m lucky to be experiencing it… I just need to get used to the loneliness…its pathetic I guess…I’m really starting to feel just how great friendships are… Audrey,Ceasar,Ann,Cole,Brittany,Ralph,Ira, Justin,Courtney ,Josiah,Heather all of my best friends are sooo key in my life. I’m just realizing this now that I can’t speak to anyone without getting weird looks and I’m way out of my comfort zone.

Here goes nothing!
I hope to get great pictures these next 5 days… Also to get closer to Jesus.
I haven’t been gone even a week yet and I’m already ready to come home…I must be one heck of a home body… or just sick of the 3 flights I’ve taken this far, plus the hassel of getting to this destination...there is nothing like being questioned 4 times in a different language once you set foot on a new terrain.

Thank God for the US and English speaking friends.
I’m going to sleep in hopes of dreaming of a bi-lingual eperience.

(They call this transporter bus "The Camel" notice the 2 humps)

(A run down stadium)

(The local gym. Working out at night is the only option to avoid the heat))

(Sunset from my window)

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