Thursday, February 07, 2008

Highs and Lows from Habana

Feb 1st (2 months till April Fools Day)
New pen! WooHoo! It was broken, but w/ a little medical tape and some hard work… it is now my tool of choice.
The new casa will be a good change of pace. The 1st spot was great, but I always felt crazy lonely and the place reminded me of being broke and new to the country. Now my spirits have changed. I've started picking up the bible, I've really felt like I can relate to Paul in Acts and David in the might sound pathetic and extreme to go that far, but I actually can grasp alot of their emotions at this point. Oh and then even being able to feed my internet addiction & contact familia. That was mucho bueno!
Miguel isn’t around today… kinda bitter sweet. Great tour guide & friend, but things get awkward when he asks for deniro I don’t have and sometimes I feel like he's pocketing some of it just because he can… Anyways, its good to have a day to relax, to break from walking 20 miles. My inner thighs are chaffed and these vans don’t prevent blisters. On that note: I’ve been enjoying the following… (keep in mind this is all copied text from a beat up little journal I woul dwhip out and jot down random notes and thoughts...I'm not crazy and I don't type with a pen)

1. More Language Confidence (I still can’t conversate, but I can comprehend much more)
2.El Sol (Sun) (Not too caliente, just perfecto(haha, thanx Rita:)
3. I’m only using 6 pesos a day. (3 for bread, 1 for vegetables and 2 for a good mojito)
4. Meeting cool people (everywhere!) Most people are extremly friendly if you can communicate with them.
5. Rationing. I’ve actually come to enjoy the challenge of not waisting anything!
6. Immunity to the tap water. This will save me at least a dollar 50 a day!
7. A break from photo taking. I left the 50 @ mi casa for my leica. Which is really only good in the day. Horrible w/o flash…
8. Free breakfast! El casa madre heard I’m broke & offered it for free! I now see where my So-Cal madres get it. They can’t see a nino go hungry. I told her my moms would be very greateful. But not as much as I am.
9. my new pen. The tip is being pushed further and further into the bac of it. So I may need to do surgery on it soon.
10. spending thime w/ Jesus. Has given me patience, endurance & wisedom.
11. Safety. It feels really safe here. Not sure why though…

Not Enjoying…

1. Showers… if these are hot! I would HATE to try a cold one.
2. The food. (although I did find a cheap pizza spot. Nasty… but cheap!)
3. Blisters on my feet from walking oh and chaffing hurts!
4. Being alone. No conversations except to my camera (video)
5. The litter… people here toss trash everywhere! It must be legal and maybe even a sport?
6. Exhaust: A lot of vehicles are from the 30's, 40’s & 50’s. That was back when emission standards weren’t a concern. Nor was air quality. Lucky for all living things, we are on the ocean & the air gets pushed around more frequently.
7. This pen. (every page I need to repare it!)

I didn't bring my Canon 5D today, since I wanted to blend in and look like a local...not that locals look like this...see video I took with my Leica D-Lux 3. (I'll post the video when i have time to get it up...iMovie is making me feel retarded)


David Gilmore said...

Hey Samuel! Love seeing your Cuba photos. Looks like you're having a great adventure.
Travel safe.

Anonymous said...

what the heck is, "del sol" and cliente? Did you mean "el sol es caliente? You crack me up! Keep practicing your Espanol, friend. I am suprised you didn't starve. Love you, Mama Tica