Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm on "Pretty on the Outside"

Celebrity Blogger/Talented artist David Gilmore dropped my blog and info on his well traveled blog "Pretty on the Outside".

Heres what it looks like.

It was about 2 weeks ago, but who's keeping track? Its still fresh!
Not sure if I'm in the "pretty" or "Not" category, I guess thats for the readers to judge.

Gilmore is a talented painter and sketcher (not the pathetic shoe line)Maybe called sketch artist? Anyways, he does some amazing illustrations of celebrities doing crazy stuff. I will know I've made it when he inserts my face into one of his works. His work is featured in "Juice" magazines around the US and the world. A very talented man. I'm honored to be on his blog.

More to come on CUBA. I've had alot of people asking for more...I can't understand why! :)


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Cassie said...

dear samuel,

your name sounds like a made up name. your pics from cuba are cool. i was just browsing random people's blogs because i was bored. but coincidentally i just got accepted to UCI in Irvine and was wondering if you know anything about the city/school? thanks buddy.