Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Parade for Dogs

Today was Mayhem on 2nd st. I loved it!
A million and 30 people on my street? I had to shoot some pictures.
Check them out.
Justin Rudd put this wild dog costume parade on.
Again, I kept feeling like I was the bases of a film... this wild event happening below my feet and I'm up in its face with a camera, getting licked by a new dog every block, stepping on masked bystanders feet and watching people get yelled at for their illegal street loitering.
Oh Belmont Shore, you've shown up the other shores of the world once again.
Now lets just work on keeping our businesses afloat and go buy stuff!

Debbie Cook would love this I'm sure.

Just incase you couldn't tell, thats Ketchup and Mustard walking on the street with their hotdog.

Scooby Doo looks ticked off.

General Petraeus

The BumbleBee dog girl...not to be confused with bumblebee tuna girl.

Is this a shy, or short dog?

gangsterrrr. Same costume can be worn on St. Patty's day.

The space dog reminds me of TinTins dog snowy.
MORE of my pictures from this event? GO HERE

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