Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Morning Smörgåsbord

I have alot of things to drop on here and not much time.
So teasers and a few tasty morsels to chew on this morning.

Rita Brady Teaser:
PLENTY MORE to come...I've been meaning to post these for about a week and a half. Feature on the way.

The Lakers:
They're back in business!
The season started last night and I am more then happy with our chances to go alllll the way this year. Kobe Bryant,Gasol,Bynum,Odom,Ariza,Fisher,Farmar,Sasha?? I'm ready for an amazing season filled with enough wins to crowd a Bejing olympic stadium. They won last night against Oden and the Blazers. Clippers tonight!!

Gila and Andy's Slideshow.

Need an Old Lincoln Limo.
1983 Limo for a shoot. You know of one I could rent?

Josiah got his Bike!
I love the thing, I rode it around yesterday and I think I want one...just for a local cruiser... nothing huge... something like THIS.

Thanks for the HITS:
Thanks for all of your blog views. 2 days ago, I had over 500 hits... Jon, thanks for bringing the laptop downstairs to Starbucks and clicking on my site over 200 times. Was it worth a penny a click?

My amazing clients Angie and David's Story:
(Keep in mind I found this online... I didn't find the story from them.)

David Aron took his girlfriend
Angie Tashnek to Cafe Annie for din-
ner. Just as they ordered, two police-
men walked in and asked them if they
had a dark blue Range Rover. Angie’s
heart sunk and couldn’t imagine what
had happened. The policeman said,
“You left your door open and some
unidentified articles fell out. Could you
please identify them?” Then he pulled
a small box out of his pocket and said,
“Is this yours?” David got down on his
knee. While Angie cried, the entire
restaurant clapped for them. Also
happy are the parents, Susan and
Larry Spitzberg, Don and Sue Sue
Aron, Jack, and Susan Leeand Ron
and Patricia Tashnek.

The Election:
You know who your gonna vote for right? You can always write me in... I'd love to make the news... But only if you would have voted McCain. Haha, I love politics!

I'm not a fan. This season gives me the heebey jeebeys. Something not appealing about window fronts with realistic looking skeletons and cob webs, or people dressed as if axes were embeded in their chest from rabid enemies... not my season I guess. I like Christmas and summer... but I guess you need to have seasons you don't liek to really enjoy the seasons you like... the gift of contrast.

Jamba Juice:
The one here on 2nd street in Belmont Shore is patheticaly slow and unorganized. They don't have a comment box anymore, so this is my comment to them. "You better get it in gear, Yogurtland is coming to town and will take you down if you don't step it up and make quicker better drinks in a professional manner, love Samuel"

Rootbeer floats instead of Jamba:
My Spur of the moment rootbeer floats inject glamour into my life.

Speaking of Ice Cream
How am I going to get a Vanilla Ice jacket like this???

Man of the Day?
Jim Harrick from Ceremony Magazine calls me a few times a week, but today he took the cake. Quote to my associate Jon. "You know who I want to be in the next life? That would be Samuel Lippke! he has the whole package!..." then on the phone to me seconds later "You know who I want to be in the next life? Ira Lippke! He knows how to fork out the cash!..." Anyone that can entertain Jon, myself and the rest of the studio deserves the man of the day awards.

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