Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey Bluetooth users!

Goodevening friends.
I've been noticing something lately. There are more and more people walking around with bluetooth earpieces on...yes, walking around,eating dinner, going to movies/dates, at the gym, I mean come on, I could see using it in a store while grocery shopping, or even while clothes shopping, thats cool...I know you could use that extra hand... but here's when to take out that damn piece of ugliness.

1.CHURCH! (This is a given right??)
2.Dinner/lunch/any time you eat with anyone ('re an agent and you're with your client and that client needs you to be on the phone WHILE you cut that filet with both hands.)
3.During a conversation with a real life person.
4. In the shower. (unless its water proof and you're a freakface)
5. Anywhere you should be interacting with other humans.

Those things were invented to save your life while operating a vehicle, but not for quick calls to others while you're at a baseball game, church, or at dinner dinner with a friend.

quick story, then I'm off to sleep:
I have a bluetooth.
I've used it while using the computer at my desk.
After using it for about an hour on and off, my associate Jon ignored everything I said, as he thought I was still on the phone.

BAM! I think I've made my point.
Use those things when you're not in contact with other people and you need both hands.

I like what this blogger has to say about the topic Daily Dalia
Don't listen to Oakley, they just want your money.

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Anonymous said...

First thanks for the plug...I'm Dalia! I think of using the bluetooth as lazy but that is how the world is. Yes you are correct, it was invented to use while driving...not to be rude and look like a dork. I get my exercise by actually holding my phone up to my those arm muscles!