Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy 24th Libby!!!

The 24 cupcake birthday cake

Libby! You're 24 now! How does it feel? The same? what!!? thats ridicules! You're a whole year older! You should at least feel more mature, more seasoned and now able to handle each and every scenario with ease. Libby, you're in your prime. Everyone envy's the primetime.

I will be photographing a wedding with Ira on Saturday (tomorrow) so I won't be able to attend Libby's birthday party/bash/dance off... I'm disappointed... but! I'm happy I was invited to the family party!

Want to see some pictures from last night?? Keep scrolling down, it'll make you feel 24 again and if your not yet'll get a taste of your future.

"Happy Birthday to Libby-Libb"

The wish was made, the blowing begins.

I love Noah's face here!

Thats my God son!

Couples! Notice how our arms are the same for both couples. WILD!

Putting the faces together.

Get wild

Yeah, she knows how to get the party started.

The ladies!

Libby and the men!

Yes, same boots all around... not planned I was told.

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