Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey, its finally H-Ween!

I never thought this day would come. I feel like I've been seeing skulls in windows and the color orange for 4 months! I gotta say Halloween makes me sick. Why do we even make sure to do something unique on such an evil day? Oh, I hear you debating "No, Samuel, its not evil, its just an innocent holiday like St. Patricks day, or Memorial Day" my answer to that is THIS. Anyways, Halloween is the 2nd grossing holiday after Christmas, so maybe its what our economy needs...some holidays that everyone continues to work on. Isn't that consider perfect economy fuel?

So with that said, I'll go ahead and be hypocritical for a day, but mostly in regards to celebrating that the gross "Holiday" is over! In celebration, I dressed myself in Vanilla Ice attire and donned an attitude of "I'm the best and you all wanna be like me" so yeah... I'm having fun with it. Not sure how my studio guys are doing with it, but hey its just fr a day! (or is it??)

Audrey as Snow White

Noah as "Six pack Joe Tennis Player"
Jon as "Douglas Jamison"
Me "Vanilla Ice" (Circa 1991)
Luke as "The Last Samurai"

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