Tuesday, October 07, 2008

University by the Sea

Jo-Dilly and I stopped by University by the sea. We park illigally at Vons accross the way, but then decided to buy ice cream sandwiches to make our parking job legit... Ice Cream sandwich box and gatorade in hand. We headed across the street towards the loud music. Instantly I was able to hand out the rest of the ice cream treats and start checking out the festivities. The Ice Cream man was there, graffiti artists doing controled mureals. Bands playing on the main stage, skateboarders, cyclists, people handing out fliers, friends giving out non permanant tattoos (which I tried putting on with gatorade for lack of water... bad idea.) I stopped by the gallery where my work was being displayed... just for a minute to see if my pieces had been bought... they hadn't.
And bam! We were outa there to play tennis!

There you have it! University by the sea was fun...not my crowd... they must have left. But the rest of the scene was hopping... I wish I could have skipped over to the garden of beer... but Lakers season is coming and I'm trying to start by avoiding beer for a little bit.

YES indeed!

P.S. I am roasting and it is October 7th folks! 98º degrees F!!!

Jo-Dilly making art with his body in front of more art.
p.s. He got a job today!

The room where my art stood for 2 days.

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