Saturday, October 04, 2008

What we do in Long Beach for fun

Anyways, change of plans.
I am NOT going to the group show tonight, I'll be photographing for White Lilac at an undisclosed location. The show is NOT my style and I found that out after trying to find a good spot to hang my art during the art hang on friday.
My pieces turned out great, thanks in part to John Hesketh's hard work at Photomation. The show isn't my style and I nearly took all of my pieces down... so if you go see the show... Enjoy... I'm planning on having my own show soon... we'll see what I can do.

After shooting for White Lilac, I'll be heading to Rita Brady's grand opening at her new location! Rita is my dear friend who is an amazing Esthetician.

Then hopefully cocktails with a few good friends.

I just finished photographing Justin Rudd's Blessing of the pets.
Heres a few shots from that.

3 of the ministers.

The 12' Burmese Python
Porcupines eat carrots.

My favorite turtle... he looks ticked-off and that makes sense.

More pictures from this event. Checkout Christina Vejer's images HERE She really knows how to capture an animal's soul... her pictures turned out great from this.

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