Friday, October 24, 2008

Palm Springs Summary

My parker shots while scouting for the shoot.

Palm Springs:

I stayed at the Parker Hotel for 2 nights.
1st night was a rehearsal dinner (a very LONG rehearsal dinner), 2nd Day was the wedding (see previous post) Night was filled with a wedding reception and then an after party of champagne and burgers with the White Lilac crew...minus Sunny who was fighting an extremely painful migraine and had to be rushed to the ER for a few shots from large needles. The night was interesting to say the least... Adam and I weren't sure which room we had to stay in, so confusion quickly turned into switching rooms and then switching back. I ended up relaxing by the firepit for awhile talking with a bunch of different people... some on drugs, some on alcohol, some on both... one retired stripper (that didn't get the memo she was retired) one myspace operator that had Reebok Pumps on, the wedding's hair stylist (nory) , 2 "would be" bridesmaids oh! and a passed out lady that was apparently just sleeping in one of the 8 firepit chairs... A weird night, but memorable, it felt like something from a Coen Brother's film... it didn't really amount to much except a weird concept and strong charactors.
My plan for the next day was to wake up early and play a game of tennis with Will Ferrell who supposedly was still at the hotel... it didn't happen... I woke up at 11am.
A fun trip, great pictures, met some fun people from Houston.
I have a few more pictures to post, but I can't locate where the images are...but I've only checked 3 of the drives...
If you go to Palm Springs or Palm Desert, visit The Parker Hotel. Its rediculas.

(Clockwise) Me, Sunny,Adam and Katie getting iPhone portraits taken.

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Bodil said...

Nory the hairstylist is my hair stylist for 8 years or was before I moved to London! I swear our worlds/people keep mixing! PURE CRAZINESS! Whose wedding was this?