Friday, October 31, 2008

Its all "About Face"

As you have seen in recent posts, I have photographed my friend Rita. The images are being used for promo and marketing for a launch to her brand New Skin line called "About Face"
I've been going to her for about 3 years now, anything I need, from facial's to stress reduction massages and brow waxing. She also does numerous things I won't get... Bikini Waxes,Permanant makeup, Microdermabrasion (Although someday I'll get the microderm). She is a wizard of skin care and a certified esthatician. So she's amazing and has what everyone that goes to her calls "An Angels touch" which sounds cliche until it actually applies to you.

BIG NEWS About Rita:

She hasn't recently moved to a NEW SALON. ("Chill Salon" on 2nd St. and Bayshore)
She has a MYSPACE & like I mentioned above...
She's releasing a new Skin Care Line called "About Face"

I haven't tried her new line yet BUT... I'm sure it is AMAZING! Anything that she trusts to be on her face, I trust to be on mine.

I'm so happy for her move to this new location! If you need anything that has to do with your face, contact her!!!

Tell her you found out about her from my blog.

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