Thursday, April 17, 2008

Snowboarding Mammoth

Mammoth slopes are huge! Enough trails to stretch to Brazil end on end... or maybe even to the atmosphere... but whos to say where the atmosphere starts and stops? Anyways, they aren't really that long, but they are plentiful and luxurious!
My camera battery went missing for my Leica, so we used Ira's trusty iPhone for these few shots...
Keep in mind...its 72ยบ for most of the day. I got toasted on the arms and neck.
Highlights include racing Ira down the mountain, thinking I had a jet pack.
Getting $3 insurance on the rental(I ran over a mini boulder and scratched up the board)
Being on top of the Mountain world.
Getting sun tanned in the snow.

Alright, heres a few images.


Ira the beast!
Samuel the Wild

Ira the Calm

The freakin SLOPE!

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