Saturday, April 19, 2008 Party

Wednesday night. party at Long Beach MOLAA.
I loved being apart of a Long Beach Event that featured some of the most talented people in LA, from Event Design (Christopher Aldama of Fiori Fresco) to planning (Details Details) to Hosting ( Even the florist and Bartenders did amazing!
Thanks to a few people that made my night really fun!(David Tosti and Ralph Diaz, Also Jeannie and Michelle were great to see!)
Here are some images I took.


P.S. I'm disappointed about the Grand Prix tomorrow. I thought I would have press passes, but it doesn't look like my connection is strong enough... looks like I may need to work a little harder at this. BUT! I have a ticket to visit! Thanks to Brittany!!!

Jeannie Savage, ME! Jeannie and Michelle Weita (They're my favorites!)

Details Details' write up on this event


HTFiddler said...

Samuel ... you are living the dream life ... and only 22? Let's see ... only 78 more years to 100. Keep on truckin' bro! Henry.

Meagan said...

So glad you enjoyed the event - and thank you for posting the amazing pictures! Somehow I missed meeting you but hopefully our paths will cross before the next one. Your work is incredible.

All the best,
Meagan Kirkpatrick
Marketing Director & Brides Local Magazines