Sunday, May 20, 2007

Over 180 fed!

Wow! What a success! Our 2nd "Bodies, Bicycles and Backpacks" had a great turnout!
We met in the morning, made nearly 200 lunches and then rode our bikes around Long Beach passing them out.
I'm so happy with the responces, the people involved and the energy everyone put into making this event an amazing experience!

Enjoy some pictures I took during the day.

let me know if your interested the next time we do another event like this.


One of the many sweet bikes.

Sandwich production line.

Rita working hard!

Sandwich stack.

Bagging lunches is always the hit of the party!

This is the lunches we prepaired... they're tasty! (I had one)

180 lunches

The team!

Our route.

Basketfull of waters

Explored far and wide to find the hungry. (across from the 710 freeway)

Under the bridge on the freeway... we left lunches.

we saw some really happy faces today!

Thank you to all the put so much effort into making this huge feat a reality!

God bless each of you!

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