Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mammoth Road Trip

This last weekend, my brother Ira and I hopped in his 1989 bright blue Landcruiser and headed north towards Mammoth Lakes. We were scheduled to photograph a sexy mountain/lodge style/cozy wedding on Saturday, but first document the rehearsal dinner at "The Mccoy Station" on the middle of Mammoth's ski slopes! Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself... there are alot of things I could write about, I could talk about the wedding we photographed (actually I just assisted) or I could write about the Lakers Beating the Hornets AND the Spurs for a huge closeout on their amazing season(They took #1 playoff seed in the strong west tonight) wait, why am I talking about basketball? I could also talk about how Ira and I snowboarded from 9:30am-3pm (on Sunday) without resting, yes even after a pretty insane crash that Ira still has mental pictures of me re-twisting my ankle after landing a jump wrong, or how it was soo hot on the whole mountain that I wore a short sleeved shirt the whole time (And got a full red-necked style arms...aka farmer tan) Anyways... I just want to tell you about the road trip... and for that, I will show you pictures... afterall, thats the best way to tell a story isn't it???

Watching the Lakers torch the then #1 Hornets
Checking the score on the iPhone (while riding a chair lift) seeing the lakers torch the then #2 Spurs.
Having some brother time
Assisting Ira on a shoot (haven't done that in over a year!)
Spending the night in a cabin with snow covering the windows (but melting quickly! It was HOT! for a mountain!)
stopping at Shady style "Gus's Jerky" (don't buy anything there if you decide to stop...unless its honey...but forget the jerky! Tastes like salted Cardboard but stringy.)
Doing math on my iPhone while driving (I could drive 1 mile in 47 seconds going exactly 80Mph, thats roughly 112 feet per second! Also, I could calculate how many feet before we entered LA from the freeway midway home. 230 miles= 10,830 more seconds of driving at 80MPH...I'm sure you already think I'm crazy, but hey! I don't usually like math, but that was fun!)
Snowboarding with a t-shirt on...oh, pants were in place as well... that would be plain stupidity... especially if you're me and you love falling hard.
Breakfast at "The Stove"
Driving home sunburnt...I still can't believe I got burnt on my forearms worse than if I were have been at the beach!

Ira and the gut-less beast


I love this wall

Ira getting into character

Feeding chickens and taking pictures combined could be a new sport.
Ira striking a deal in the abandoned lot.
Pretend downhill sking could be a new sport too.

Unique is the word I would describe "Gus's Jerky" the world should only support more.

Ira requested I take this shot...and for good reason.

hopping around

the after snowboarding beard

Ira the missle

Cowboys still exsist!

A new form of road-kill.

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snoopydog said...

I love the stillness of these locations..glad you had time together and a time to getaway from it alll.....