Monday, April 28, 2008

Grand Prix (My favorite images)

I already wrote on the Grand Prix and I don't have time to write more...but here are some images for some modern day enjoyment.

My write up is located below and on my

Cheers to you Southern California heat wavers!

Feel the Fever!

The Long Beach Grand Prix was this past weekend! Did you feel the race fever? You know? The fever: The roar of race cars, the leather racing jackets, the 30 year old hair cuts and the checkered flag bikinis, the beer in hand fanatics of the sport, the warm breeze and more loud sports cars whizzing by a cluster of race fans. That's the FEVER!

Being at the Toyota Grand prix isn't something you should read about, its something you should experience with your own hands (banners/beer/hotdogs) and ears (music/screeching tires/loud speakers announcing), and eyes! (you can only imagine what you can see...if you have no imagination...scroll down for my photos).

Heres my first hand experience:

I slipped 90 cents into the bus payment slot and was on my way. (community transit bus' allow you to avoid $25 parking fees and miles of traffic.) I walked right into the gates and began enjoying the race spirit (or fever as I call it) Loud engines, beer booths, free promo gear everywhere! The warm southern california air in your face, camera in hand and people all around, it feels like a festival of car enthusiasts. Look around for a racing buffet for the eyes, chances are, you won't look for long. Yes, this year's Grand prix is over, but get ready for next year, it'll be on us in an
instant (Along with back to school and christmas) So next year, grab some tickets, your favorite energetic friends, a bus pass and I'll see you at the next Long Beach Grand Prix!

Don't forget to take a break from the sun and go into the performing arts center to see some amazing cars on display, chances to win big prizes and get your photo taken with real race cars.

Below are images I took to give my readers a view from "The outside looking in" I didn't have a press pass, I didn't have credentials (like I should have) I had my own camera, friends in tow and the fever to experience Southern California racing!


BEFORE(yes, empty bleachers...craziness on the way)

AFTER (Like I said, craziness!!!)

Cole was my press pass, he can take credit for getting me the good views for good images.

Can someone please explain this style to me? Who out there is into this wretched look?

Pull-Up contest at the Marine booth. I got 19.

Ralph recorded the Marine Booth record of Pull-ups for the day with 24.

Brittany and her Strawberry Margarita.

We were trying to look "ripped" Pull-ups will do that to you.

This should be called the sound tunnel due to the extremely loud race cars driving below.

Things to differently NEXT YEAR:

1. PRESS PASS ( I need to secure one of these...maybe with a magazine?)
2. Secure ALL day, not just half day.
3. More sunblock.
4. Racing jacket and mullet just to fit in.
5. More friends!!!

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