Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Bodies,Bicycles & Backpacks III"

"Bodies,Bicycles & Backpacks III"
Join me and a bunch of others as we ride around long beach handing out care packets to the homeless of Long Beach.
Bring your bike, or just a back pack.
Help us reach around 200 street people in the heart of Long Beach.
THIS SUNDAY! July 22nd.

Things we need from you:

•Your Bike
•Your Backpack

We're handing out care packages... instead of lunches, we're handing out packets with toiletries, as well as some snacks, such as granola bars,chips and water bottles.

Bring any of the following:

•Mini Tooth paste tube's
•Dental Floss
•mini washclothes
• sunscreen (mini)
•nail clippers
• Nail Filer
•anything else that would go good in a toiletries packet.

1 comment:

Kristen B said...

Good for you! You need to add DEODORANT to the list!!! Remind me to tell you about buddy, homeless Steve.