Monday, April 28, 2008

Chalking up the sidewalks

Belmont Shore Chalk Art Contest
It was yesterday.
It was good.
I liked it, so did around 1000 other people that I saw watching all of the artist doing their magic tricks the sidewalk. (Due to a few reasons, the art is done on 38" x 50" artist's paper that was affixed to the sidewalk with masking tape.)
My images will be on as well as
I'm going to use this time to point out my favorite Chalk designs...even if they didn't win, they won in books. I was a judge for this event last year, but spent this year photographing the event.

Here's my rundown!

Some amazing talent flowed through my street yesterday (I call it mine, because I spend all day and night hearing,smelling,feeling,walking and getting to know it...but don't worry, I'm a good sharer :)

Samuel Lippke's AWARD's:
Yes, I'm taking the liberty to show all of you my favorites.
The competition was stiff and I hold nothing against the "real" judges, I admire how they could keep it to a top 3! I had to stretch it to a top 6 (Merit Awards were given to the 4th-8th placing artists and were given $50 cash)

6th Place:(A very strong 6th place I might add. He won 3rd place in the "Official" judging)
David Gilmore won for his creative "2nd Street Shines" chalk design.
David has a highly traveled celebrity Blog where he illustrates his blogs with portraits he paints,draws,sketches and creates.
David offered his piece to my ecstatic girlfriend Audrey, shes going to put it in her living room. Good work David,thanks for making my girl so happy! (how do I compete with that??)

5th Place:
Julio Jimenez "Samba dancer" (He "Officially won a Merit award)

4th place:
Cecelia Linayao (She won 2nd place in the "Official" contest)

3rd Place:
Brighton Smith. (Brighton took home $350 cash for winning 1st place!)

2nd Place:(Didn't "officially" place)
Watch for this guys name in upcoming children's books, maybe even a movie? I think a contract could be well on the way for this guy. Someone sign Mike Baker! Great work!

1st Place: Samuel Lippke's Award for best All around chalk art goes to
Carin Gross (Carin was Last years OFFICIAL winner and somehow didn't place this time around.."officially" first place in my books is saying something, after all, it is MY street right...haha.)

WILDCARD: Best color, Abstract and amazing. I love Andrews work!
Andrew dupas (didn't Officially place)

Props to Justin Rudd for putting together such a great event. Its nice to have a little economy boost here in the Shore, as well as some fun artists walking around with chalky hands and smiles...alright, maybe just hands.

All images are copywritten by:Samuel Lippke


Celebry said...

I think those photoes are breath taking. I realy love art.

mike r baker said...

Wow! I couldn't have asked for a better compliment. You're my new best friend!

I've linked to this post from here. Thank you!