Wednesday, December 03, 2008

This month is WILD!

Everyone here knows how Christmas season goes right? I mean you get extremely busy, days full of shopping, time off to visit family,enough eggnog and peppermint mochas to float you through until the next year, not to mention hearing enough Christmas music (during a 3 week span) to last you until your 40th Christmas... and thats if your 23 like me.

Anyways, my month isn't exactly the usual Christmas month... its more like a marathon month... But I love it! I'm thriving off of those mochas and no sleep. I plan on getting sleep on my 30 hour flight to South East Asia (see Dec. 27th).

Wanna hear my December schedule so far?

It goes a little something like this...

(AKA month of the numb legs)
3rd. Meeting w/HoweClothingDesigners+ MSHVB Concert
4th. Shooting: Bachelors Dinner
5th. Shooting: Billabong Event for White Lilac. *Can't WAIT!!*
6th. Amanda Meza's Birthday Party + Judging Belmont Shore Christmas Parade + Shooting Parade for
11th. Shooting: Hause of HOWE "T" shoot. Should be GENIUS!
13th. Kev and Robb's Christmas BASH.
14th. Shooting: Sunny R's Amazing Family shoot.
15th. Christmas Light Duffy Boats cruise with friends!
16th. Shooting: Magic Lamp Restaurant. (tentative)
17th. We Love LB Dinner @ Cafe La Strada.
18th. Shooting: Event for WL. Can't say.
20th. Shooting: Dave Quon and Donia Lee's Wedding!!! (Going to be an Amazingly well done wedding)
21st. Shooting: Family Shoot at Ritz (Pending)
22nd. Shooting: Quail Clothing Line (
24th. Christmas Eve! Plans in the making.
25th. CHRISTMAS! I can't wait!
27th. Leave for the Philippines!!! (yup... I just booked tickets. Its gonna be nuts!!)
29th. Arrive in the Philippines.
31st. New Years Eve in Manila!

I'm in need of an intern to work with me this month. I need 10-15 hours a week.
I'm accepting Applications the next few days.
Skills needed: Fast thinking. Artistic. Can carry gear during shoots, good with Apple Computers.
Just email me here ASAP:
Mention "Interning and blog" in the headline.

Also, I need a Lomo & Medium Format camera for 2 of my upcoming shoots. I've ordered a camera, but it may not be here by the shoot date (11th)
Special Thanks to: The White Lilac Ladies, Audrey for putting up with me and my schedule,Also whoever lets me use their Lomo or Medium format Camera, My Month of December Intern(whoever that may be).


Brassavolas Floral Couture said...

Damn boy...MAD schedule! Have fun in the's been forever since I been there. Love your work!

Justine said...

Hey Samuel! Came across your blog and read several entries. Pretty interesting stuff and images there, neat work.

Btw, if you don't mind me askin, why are you coming over to Manila? :)
Cheers xx