Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The last Day of 2008

Good afternoon from Manila!
(Its Dec.31st here, I'm a day ahead!)
I'm in a state of the art internet kiosk and I thought I would try to transfer a few images from my trip so far onto my blog for the readers that haven't abandoned me during my adventure.

The trip has been excellent so far. I've eaten some things that human's shouldn't eat, met some amazing people, experienced the market and even a trip to the spa with Tito Rey ($800 pesos...$18 hour and a half spa treatment?) riding in a tricycle in the rain was a highlight too.
Anyways getting to know this culture has been rewarding. I love the philippines so far...plus the US dollar is stronger then hulk hogan in his glory days.

Alright...I just fouhnd out that my drive won't work in this boatanchor of a computer. I'll try posting them later. FUHHH! (UPDATE: I just uploaded some!!!!)

Until later(While I'm blasting off fireworks and celebrating the new year 19 hours before you do.) Cheers!


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