Monday, December 08, 2008

Belmont Shore Christmas Parade

Love this shot.

The 26th Annual Belmont Shore Christmas Parade was Saturday night. I was a parade judge. What does that mean? It means any number of things, but mainly that I dress up like a judge, pens in pocket, tie around neck and a niche for seeing details in floats, then in turn putting your thoughts on paper all in a matter of 15 seconds or for however long it took for the float to drive/roll/walk across my view.
So there you have it... how to judge a Christmas parade 101. You also have to have a good supply of wine nearby...which I had.
I love the annual Christmas parade mostly because it seems like after the parade is over, Christmas season can finally begin here in the shore.
As you can see I was busy judging I had a hard time finding time to photograph.
Here's a few shots I took.

Audrey being a nanny

Eddie Kurkjian's the man. The tie was strictly for christmas cheer (And some deserved attention it recieved!)

Robert Garcia doing interviews.

Yes, being a judge is quite manly.

Kiwanis had the best float.

Cotton Candy man.

Someday I wanna be grand marshall and ride an elephant.

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