Sunday, December 07, 2008

Billabong Christmas Party

The event was in an old hanger.

Recycled classic record covers,song sheets and a homemade bar adorned the inside

I had the privilege of photographing White Lilac's amazing event design at the Billabong Christmas party at Great Park in Irvine. (You gotta love that name..."Great Park" I mean I should switch my photography studio name to "Great Photography")
Billabong's owner Gordan Merchant flew from Australia to be at the event. Rides on the giant Helium Balloon were free for the night (turns out the rides are free until January when they will charge $20 per adult per ride)

I don't think I've told the world yet, but I think I've found my match interms of event Style and design. I love working with White Lilac Inc! Those women are amazing! Take a look at their work! So creative, beautiful and well done! All of the records, music sheets, boards, even the bar is made from recycled material from thrift stores and vintage stores. Much harder work, but better for the earth. Try it some time. Want to see more event photos? Go HERE there should be images soon.

Books on strings with christmas lights coming from the ceiling.
The homemade bar with nothing but classic records spread accross the exterior.
My Luciano Pavarotti portrait.
Oh my word, this Album cover makes me happy.

My lovely lady and I getting ready to party the night away.
Sunny and Katie of White Lilac.
Heading out for our balloon ride.Yes, my stache is back!

The Helium balloon that brought us 400 feet above ground and then back down again. It was like being a miniature piece of rice under a little kids balloon... string and all. I asked questions such as "What if that string holding us to the ground breaks? Will we be a physics lesson to the rest of humanity until the end of time?" I learned about the releasing of helium in a controlled manner would bring us safely down somewhere in a 40 mile radius.

I love this series. A perfect way to end a selective night at a surf industry Christmas party.

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