Thursday, December 04, 2008


Yes, the Mt.St.Helens Vietnam Band performed like mad at the Echo last night. I was there to document the golden moments.

•Some highlights included 5 news songs (they'll blow your mind)
•Jared bouncing Tennis balls off of a snare drum into the crowd.
•Lead singer Benjamin Verdoes chucking his water bottle in a fit of energy.
•Keyboardist and backup vocalist Tracy Verdoes jumping ontop of the drumset and distroying it.
•Some amazing Beats bumping from Matthew's synthesizer.
• 13 year old Marshall Smashing drums like potatoes for thanksgiving dinner.

Amazing show...not the best turnout and HORRIBLE bands played after MSHVB. Freaked the hell outa me!

Here's some images to prove to you what sick show you missed.

Drum Doet.

The green room.

The sheep doesn't lie.

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