Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Audrey's LA Birthday Party

Audrey Hollywood Style...minus the flash.

Audrey's birthday party in LA.

Limo to Monsoon's.
Monsoon's to (horrible) club called "The Highlands" If you know whats best for you, DO NOT go to this Disaster of a place. HORRIBLE management, bad service disgusting excuse for a dance club.
Anyways, the highlight was some of Audrey's friends (Ben and Will) contributed to make Audrey's 21st a success!
I think Audrey had a great time and she's 21 now!!! Which is a big burden off my shoulders, I can now take my girlfriend to concerts and lounges in LA.

Happy birthday Audrey!

Yes, she knows how to work it • birthday dress: BEBE. Shoes: BAKERS
The Limo Crew.
Me and the Birthday girl.
Thanks for the gift Jo-Dilly!
Veuve Clicquot is my best friend
Happy 21st!!! (Thanks Francine for the cake)

Libby, Brittany and Ann enjoying the limo and some champagne!

Ceasar, Amanda and I.

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