Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I photographed the lookbook campaign for QUAIL clothing (QisforQUAIL.com) today. I worked with some great people and produced some excellent work. Take a look at a few of the images. I'm hoping one of these shots will change your life, make you want to buy some clothes from QUAIL and then elect me as president of your local rotary club.

Cheers to this being my last shoot before my trip to the Philippines!

I love this photo of Danielle Cedillo styling hair.


christy said...

beautiful photos!!!!!! great job samuel!!

Anonymous said...

pretty sick stuff samuel, nice

Micah Cordy said...

pictures are amazing dude!!!! love it!

Samuel Lippke said...

Howr you Christy?
Thanks! It was a fun shoot. Hopefully more to come. I love Quail's clothing!

Samuel Lippke said...

Hey Bruce! Thanks for the comment, I'm workin hard on making some slick images so I appreciate the compliment.Hope you are well my friend.