Monday, July 02, 2007

2 weddings, one weekend.

It was a busy busy weekend, Ira and I shot 2 weddings together.
I'm wishing I had a little time to recover tomorrow, but I have too much post production to do on a number of different shoots.
Both of these weddings were sick! Check them out.

Janeene and Serge (Rancho Los Lomas)
Haitian wedding.
Extremely hot day!
Growling tiger.
Plenty of stairs.
Beautiful full moon.
In-N-Out truck.
iPhone release day.

And today's wedding:

Joanne and Andrew (First Congregation LA and Ritz Carlton San Marino)

Fun Egyptian wedding.
Super hot day!
Bride w/ a Broken foot.
Cute wedding coordinator Assistant.
Commuting (Downey,LA,Pasadena)
Crazy Limo ride!
Amazing pictures.

By the looks of it, the kids weren't too into the wedding... thats how photographers have power. Power to show different emotions and showcase them... I wonder who else does stuff like this? Say the media maybe???

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