Friday, July 13, 2007

"Samuel's Daily Candy"

Ya'll have heard about right?
Well, heres the news, happenings and whats going down in my "Daily Candy"

I'm sipping an original size 24oz of Pomagrante Jamba Juice (all fruit, nothing else!)... lemme tell you something about Jamba Juice... can I? Thanks. Alright, if your nice to the employee's at Jamba, they'll give you free drinks...Which is good, cuz the drinks are expensive! (That should be a tip people pay for)

I spent a full-on hour hunting and trying to find a camera that I'm wanting to buy (See this beautiful camera...its a point&shoot... perfect for my photo work w/o feeling like its work)

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I finally found my friend Audrey from "The Magic Lamp" on myspace... I had her email wrong, didn't see the "OT" (that doesn't make since to you...thats why its "MY" daily candy... ha!) Cool girl! Gives me free drinks (I'm telling you, its all about getting free stuff and tipping good!(see above,way above)

OH! Really quickly, anybody wanna assist me w/a fashion shoot Monday nite? I need 2 assistants... I'll teach you all I know... I don't have a budget to pay you in american dollars(maybe yen, which would be better for you anyways...its worth more.) ... but it'll be worth your it'll be the most fun you've ever had...with your clothes on...

ummmm.... Have a told you that I think this movie (HOT ROD, comes out AUG. 3rd) was created just for me?
LOVE IT, just the thought of it makes my heart smile.


Go find "The Presets" their music is the fav of the week. (

I'm editing Lori and Haw's wedding tonight, I'm halfway done and this wedding shoulda been done a week ago...but I have 5 other weddings that have been stealing my energy.... if you know Lori or Haws, tell them you've seen all their pictures and they are amazing! They'll be mad and happy at the same exact time...its a weird sensation to feel like that.

almost done w/my jamba juice... so good... things are tastier when their free... I wish I was a celeb... they get it ALL for free!!!

I put my watch on eBay last nite...yeah, I couldn't sleep at 3am.


The bid is still at $1... if you want it, go for it...its kind of an auction, so may the highest bidder bid highest and win!

Oh what the heck!!! I almost forgot something amazing!
Sunday July 22nd... FEED THE HOMELESS OF LBC!!! Wanna help? Yeah? you should, I NEED YOU!

I'll post more stuff tomorrow when I have a minute of freeness...

Thanks for ready all of my random candy... this blog shoulda been called "Daily Candy: Candy corn version" cuz its really a bundt cake.
Stay tuned for another Daily Candy!


P.S. "Lean like a Cholo" is over played in my studio... I barely like it, but I play it...what does that mean? Its some sort of psycology issue... maybe I'm really a cholo... wish I could collect a brown tan like one.
P.S.S Whats with Myspace SPAM these days? Are you all doing your part and clicking the "SPAM" button when you get them? Someone isn't reporting these cats and they're getting all up and on my inbox...lets end this people!

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