Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Drunk America"

"Drunk America" By: Samuel Lippke
Is a photo series pointing out human nature under the influence of alcohol.
I shoot alot of party events (Weddings,birthday's, Bachelors Ball's ect...) I see people at their best and at their worst. Why am I showing them at their worst you ask??? Well because its more realistic, its behind the scenes, its an issue people try to hide.
I doubt many people will like this show, unless of course having too many drinks is out of the plan for you. But its such a huge flaw in our culture... such a big setback for many and for sure not good for your body.
I hope to see you there...

Come see my work, plus about 20 other artists Sunday 22nd of July 8pm.
"The Garage"
251 East. 7th St. Long Beach CA 90813.

P.S. Bring a bottle of wine to get in free...I'll bring my camera...we'll create more art...unless wait? do you feel exploited?

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Kristen B said...

Hey, although you didn't take them, I have a lot of pictures I can contribute to this gallery! ;)