Monday, July 16, 2007

Rock N' Reconstruct Fashion Shoot.

I just finished shooting a beach fashion shoot and a fall line for "Rock N' Reconstruct" (
I'm soo tired! I have around 2000 images to edit, not to mention 2 engagement shoots and 3 weddings... good thing I'm having girl issues... I can just stay in my studio and get stuff done!!! No, but really drama is lame... I'm just trying to be the annoying optimistic guy... That will only last as long as a popcicle during the Santa Ana winds.

More to come on this issue and the photoshoot. For now... I'm gonna drop kick this vitamin water energy drink and blast through what feels like a quarter of a million images...too bad my wrist feels like its gonna fall off! oh no, here comes mr. Pesimistic!

All in All, an amazing day. Sweet pictures, amazing friends! (Big ups to my boy Ralph for being my right hand man...couldn't have done it without you kid! You are a brother to me!)

Heres an image from the beach shoot and the Fall line.

Cheers kids!


not Kristen B said...

OMG that girl in the bathing suits is HOT!

Samuel Lippke said...

I know it! I think she knows it too could she not? I mean people take pictures of her all the time!