Tuesday, July 24, 2007

AVP/Help Homeless/PinkBerry/Guys Nite/Ect...

Wow, I didn't shoot any weddings this weekend!
I'm so happy to have been able to have a rest... although, if this is what I call rest, its not what I do in my sleep... this is what I did on my weekend.

Worked out hardcore w/my boys (Ralph,Ceasar and Jason)
Did a shoot for Matt Gruber's company... we modeled (Ceasar and I. Ralph decided to bail out)it was quite the experience and I probably won't do it again unless there is actual real life money involved. I've decided that inconvincing favors aren't worth it unless who your doing it for is someone you would love to invest time into... this may not be Christ like... but its realistic.

After that...
AVP TIME! Met up with Ed and Jon (Justine met up w/me later)
Watched a ton of Volleyball. Was signed up for "Ultimate Guy/Girl Championships" (which I didn't do because of Sunday plans) But I got tattoo'd...and that was sweet!
When the Girls championship game was over, Justine left for a trip to LA w/her girls.

Then Guys nite.
Watched "The protector" had a couple hard lemonaids and nearly fell asleep like 4 times even though the movie was good.
We'll meet up w/Ms. Spears another day Ceasar!

Talked w/Dan (@guys nite) until 2am about Iraq... and how i could make a trip over there. I have hope! I'd like to go document a marine's percpective in Iraq during this war.

went home and slept.


Had breakfast w/Justine
Met up w/Ralph and his Fam.
Carpooled to Danielle's house to package up care kits for the homeless of Long beach.

Left early and went and watched the AVP men's championships down the street.

Met up w/Justine after she was done w/the homeless... we went to Pink Berry...got in trouble for snapping pictures w/my new Leica...no pictures allowed in PINKBERRY I guess.

We later went to dinner (Star of Siam) with some of my close friends...(Ralph, Courtney,Nicole, Nick and Laura Ocean & Justine)
My art show was fun and I had a ton of support from all the coolest friends! Thank you too alll who came! It was alot of fun and my work was shocking, but well taken.

This was my show. 6 images 10x15 inches.

Overall, it was a fun/busy weekend, I didn't rest, I didn't sleep much and I forsure didn't have any energy when monday rolled around.

Next weekend I'll be shooting Isaac McDowell's wedding in Warm Beach WA.
Stay tuned for another exciting blog... (maybe tonight if I'm done with one of 6 shoots to sort and adjust)

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